Friday, April 14, 2017

Poetry Break Has a New Look!

Today I'm celebrating my passion for sharing poetry by revisiting how I originally got started with presenting poems to children. Although I've always shared poetry in small ways, about ten years ago I began doing "Poetry Breaks" - popping into classrooms with an announcement of, "Poetry Break!" with a sign and whistle or bell to signal that, much like D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read), we pause for a poem.

In my first post participating in Poetry Friday (from 2012!), I share how I got started with conducting Poetry Breaks. I also share a brief video Booktalk that features Caroline Feller Bauer's Poetry Break! book. Check it out here.

In a Poetry Friday post from 4 years ago, I wrote a Tribute to Caroline Feller Bauer and my inspiration and mentor for sharing poetry with children.

always searching for
the perfect poem to share
it's "Poetry Break!" ~C. F. B. 

I now take time out for "Poetry Breaks" in my school library. I incorporate them into lessons when students in grades pre-k through 5th grade visit the library on a weekly basis. Poems relate to seasons, holidays, curriculum topics, student interest, and much more!  I also use "Poetry Breaks" as a way to Booktalk Poetry books, as well as many other books and magazines in the library. The poem possibilities are endless.

I was so excited when my new sign arrived in the mail, just in time for National Poetry Month. My cousin, Tara Sawyer designed and created my amazing new and improved, "Poetry Break" sign, which is proudly on display in my library, just waiting to announce the arrival of a "Poetry Break!"


Be sure to check out Tara's beautiful designs at Bird Branch Designs.

Celebrate today, celebrate #nationalpoetrymonth, celebrate #slm17 by pursg the Poetry Friday  Roundup, hosted by Doraine at Dori Reads


  1. I can imagine your delight when this hand-crafted sign arrived.
    Appreciations for sharing poems & your poem joy with so many students.k

  2. Love the idea of a pop-up poetry break in classrooms! Filing that idea away for next NPM '18! Thanks. Christie @

  3. I love this idea of poetry breaks. Great sign, too. I like to randomly interrupt my kids with a poem. :-)

  4. I'd love to be there for one of your poetry breaks. Sounds like loads of fun. Your students are fortunate.

  5. I love the idea of a poetry break! It sounds like you create a lot of excitement surrounding poetry.