Thursday, January 31, 2019


"Someday we will become something we haven't even yet imagined." ~Yuyi Morales

“The best way to start over is to start.” ~unknown  

I've written that anonymous quote more times than I care to think about. Or maybe I do want to reflect upon it. What's the saying about each day is a chance to begin anew?  A fresh start each day. There should be no shame in doing this. New Year’s resolutions are fresh starts for many people who want to strive to make a better a life for themselves. For some in recovery of some sort, each minute is at times the opportunity to work through a recovery process a moment at a time, an opportunity to start over or begin again.   

So, there should be joy in starting anew, starting fresh. Simply starting. How many times have we started a diet or attempted to change our habits for a healthier lifestyle of eating?  Or an exercise routine that will help to improve our bodies?  That fitness routine that will help us maintain a healthy body weight?  

For me it seems that living my life, being a mom, a daughter, a librarian,  a reading specialist, a writer, a reader, a professional speaker, a mentor to a lovely young girl, an astunn a sister,  a widow, a friend, a dog mom, a creator, an artist, a collector of books, a creator of art, a chef, a baker,  a blogger
, a poet, an explorer, a shopper, a traveler, an antique browser, an empath, a clairsentient, a listener, a storyteller, a poetry reciter, a booktalker, an artist, a teacher, s human, a prayer, a seeker . . .  are all of the things that I am. I am these things and so much more.   Each day I begin anew to strive to be the best of all that I can be. There are days when I am not at my best. There are days when I am ok. And there are days when I am the best. One thing that is for sure though, is that I am always trying my best. That's all that any of us can do. The beauty abut this life we are living on earth, is the opportunity that we are given each day, each hour, each minute, is that we can start over. How are we to do that?  Just start. Just do it. Just be what we can.  Be what we want to be. Be what we imagine we want to be!

I have the control, the ability, the power, to start my life again today. As I watch the sun rise on this extremely cold Thursday morning in January of the year 2019, I know that I'm happy and blessed to be here on this earth. God has a plan for me. He has made clear to me, on more than one occasion that I walk this earth for a reason. My purpose here may not always be clear to me. But I will simply start today and discover what awaits my attention. What will I be today?  What role or roles await my attention today?  Starting my day with prayer, affirmations, reading, and writing, and creating will lead me down the path to the doors that I am to knock at and walk through.  These paths, these doors, will no doubt be revealed to me as I go in faith. I start over today. How can I do it again?

My answer is clear. Start. 

Yuyi Morales’ exquisite picture book, Dreamers, , resonates with me, coupled with my impending return to work date (yet again!), in four days, has Stuck with my heart, readers learn about her wonderful  experiences in the library as an immigrant to the United States. She and infant daughter took a chance one day and simply started,not knowing what was in store for her. What is it that you imagine?  Which path will you take today?  Which doors will you knock on?