Friday, July 12, 2019


After having experienced some vision loss and eye surgery in the spring, I began to wonder if I'd ever be able to read and write as I've always done. Anyone that already knows me, knows that I already use adaptive strategies and tools to both read and write. When those strategies and tools didn't seem to help, I became weary and frustrated. Would things ever be the same for me?  Could I continue to share a love of reading with others?  Could I inspire readers with my writing?  

Although I wasn't able to read very well, I was able to read book titles of the picture books that I loved so much. One evening, as I was visiting the book store, I discovered Lori Degman's treasure, Just Read. Although I wasn't able to read it, I knew I had to have it (I collect books about books and reading and libraries). I brought the book home and there it sat on my nightstand.

Then one day, I picked it up and took it to my magnifying CCTV. I began to read and realized that nothing had ever stopped me from doing what I wanted in the past, so why would I let my current circumstances stop me now?  Degman's book encourages readers to read no matter where or when or how. Her words were the perfect reminder to me to do the same!  A while later, I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself to not let anything or anyone stop me from achieving my goals.

by Amy Merrill

My whole life
I've never let
or anything
stop me
from doing
what I want
or need to do

I've made
my way
through trials
and tribulations
through storms
and disturbances
over bumps
and hurdles

I've dealt
with loss
and sorrow
I've made it through
difficult times
and tests of patience
Each time
I've persevered

This time
is no different
I will make it through
I will do
What needs
to be done
I will endure
I will succeed.

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Happy Reading!