Monday, February 29, 2016

#sol16 ~ A Lunch Time Reading Ritual

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Slice of Life Story ~ #sol16
A Lunch Time Reading Ritual

One of my favorite times of the day (during the work week, that is), is lunch time.  I know, I know, I sound like a kid!  But, there is really something to that statement.  No matter what our age, we all need a bit of time in our day for relaxation and rejuvenation.  The reason I say that lunch is one of my favorite times of day is because it is a time when I can leave school (I live just around the corner from my school) to go home to eat my lunch in quiet, uninterrupted peacefulness.  It is also a time when I can read for a good 40 minutes.  I usually choose to read a longer novel that I can spread out over a period of time.  

My lunchtime reading has become a snippet of the day that I love.  It is time for me.  I allow myself time to sit down and eat my lunch and read for pleasure.  I look forward to getting lost in the world of my book.  It's an opportunity for me to check in with the characters and how they're making progress in whatever situation they are dealing with.  It's like having lunch with my friends ~ we chat, check in with each other, and fill each other in on our lives.  

Sunday, February 28, 2016

#IMWAYR ~ Visiting With Old & New Friends

For the past couple of years I've broadened my reading horizons and have been reading quite widely.  Although I've continued to read and share poetry with children, I've realized that I haven't been spending as much time as I once did reading it or sharing it.  

Like an old friend, poetry has recently come back into my life.  I've been rereading my old favorites and searching for new treasures.  So, a lot of my reading from this past week has been poetry.  

I love this little paperback gem! It's another old poetry friend that I love to revisit often. The poem that I share most often from this little anthology ~ its namesake.

Every bibliophile, librarian, teacher, and reader should own a copy of this little anthology. There are poem~treasures to be discovered again and again. 

I share this poem picture book each year. It's a beautiful poem done in an extraordinary picture book format. Photography is the illustration method. Many children are touched by this poem and go on to read other Hughes poetry after this read aloud. I always recite the poem first, then share Smith's interpretation through his photography. Such rich conversation & discussion are the result of sharing this poem picture book.  

I believe I came across this picture book at a used bookshop. It immediately became a winter~time favorite read aloud. I love to recite it first, as a poem. Then I read it as we all enjoy the artwork and compare it to the pictures we visualized as I first recited the poem. 

This is a new poetry~friend that stopped by this week!  It was delightful to spend time with a new collection of such yummy poems.  There are so many delicious poems to share!

A favorite "go~to" resource that I revisit & use often. Fabulous resource that is easy to use.  So many poems, so little time!  I also adore the suggested activities to use when sharing the poems with children!  

Love this Book ~ for so many reasons! It is an annual reread and I am sharing it with a small group of 4th grade readers. It is an amazing experience to talk to kids about this book and hear their reactions, thoughts, questions, and ideas. 
In preparation for Dr. Seuss' birthday & Read Across America Day, I read his newest book.  A new title but certainly classic Seuss style. I really enjoyed the extensive end notes about Seuss, his work, and the discovery of this newest book. 

I reread this regularly and I am amazed every time! I'm reading and discussing it with a group of 4th grade readers and am loving our conversations about it. Truly a masterpiece.

I love the new cover art ~ by E.B. Lewis.  

I love living in an area that experiences all four seasons. Henkes tells a beautiful account of what it's like as we wait for the arrival of spring . . .

"Spring can come quickly or slowly."
"It changes its mind a lot."

I love Laura Dronzek's bold color pallette that she uses to create the hopefulness of spring and it's beauty.

I can't wait to share this with students as we welcome the upcoming season!

Be sure to check out everyone's post for #IMWAYR!  I know I always add books to my TBR list.  Happy Reading!

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? From Picture Books to YA! 

Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts  and Kellee Moye, of Unleashing Readers, help share and spread book-love, by hosting this fun meme.  Check out their blogs for links to others who enjoy celebrating their reading weeks.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

#IMWAYR ~ Comfort Reading

I've come to realize that some of my reading is "comfort reading."  Much like we often crave foods that offer us comfort, recollections of fond memories, and just plain old good feelings, I've recently been able to put that concept into words to describe some of the reading that I do.  Sometimes I find that I am so busy with numerous personal and professional commitments and obligations, that I at times I revert to spending my reading time with certain books, authors, and poems that offer me comfort.  The same can be said for the time within a day or a week that I read.  For instance, my lunchtime during the work week is usually spent "comfort reading."  

Last weekend was a glorious, four-day weekend!  It was a wonderful respite but I also had a cold.  Luckily, the cold didn't have me down and out sick, but it did slow me down a bit and I found myself doing a lot of "comfort reading" and resting.  

A favorite "comfort read" has been the Harry Potter series.  I was able to finish . . . 


I've been reading this wonderful classic with a small group of 5th grade students . . . 

I hadn't read this book in years!  It was great fun to introduce a new generation of readers to Judy Blume and her timeless classics!  There were many times that the students and I had to stop reading - they were literally laughing so hard that it was impossible to read!  My little group of readers and I connected our own personal stories and how we were all able to relate to Peter and his dealings with his little brother, Fudge.  It made my heart sing when I heard groans of disappointment when I announced we had to stop reading for the day.  It also brought me such joy, when one reader said in a quiet voice, "I don't want to stop reading."  

So, here you have it, two of my "comfort reads" from this past week.  Oh, and these three are always faithful reading companions.  They especially love "comfort reading"  . . . 

Miley (fawn pug), Mickey (hound ddog), & Mr. Wrinkles (black pug)

Ok, now grab your reader's notebook or open your GoodReads app, hop on over to the other blogs out there that write #IMWAYR posts, and add some titles to your "to read" lists. 

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? From Picture Books to YA! 

Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts  and Kellee Moye, of Unleashing Readers, help share and spread book-love, by hosting this fun meme.  Check out their blogs for links to others who enjoy celebrating their reading weeks.