Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rediscovering My Poetry Wiki

Several years ago, while I was in my school library and information technology program at Mansfield University, I created a poetry wiki as a project for one of my courses. I had a great deal of fun creating it, as well as using as a resource for sharing and teaching poetry. Although the wiki has not been updated or used in quite some time, it is certainly worth revisiting, especially this month, as a way to celebrate National Poetry Month and School Library Month.

Why not take a peek into my virtual poetry library by visiting, A Pocketful of Poems!  The site is filled with links to poetry resources as well as descriptions about how I incorporate poetry into the day.

A sweet bonus treat as I was browsing through the pages of my forgotten wiki: these adorable pictures of my girls "eating their peas with honey" as we recited the classic nursery rhyme!

Sienna eating her peas with honey.
(Age 4)

Sarah eating her peas with honey.
(Age 2)

Happy Poetry Reading!


  1. I love lost and found resources!

    1. Yes! I will be using it with my students and teachers - linking it to my school library website! And trying to update it!