Saturday, April 8, 2017

Poetry Collages & Patience

I'm still joining the Poetry Friday party, even if it's a day late. I'm learning to have patience with myself as I'm still recovering from a long year of health complications, which were most recently punctuated with a case of pneumonia. As I've returned to work full days, I've realized that although I'm feeling much more like myself, I can't do it all and I certainly can't do it all at once.

During my recovery, I've discovered or rediscovered my interest in expressing myself creatively - not only through writing but also through art. I've always had an interest in collage and creating with images. Among other collage creations, I've started to create a poetry collage notebook or journal.  I'm collecting some of the many poems that I love and that touch my heart, and I'm adding them to a blank book, along with an accompanying collage of images that I've collected. Not only is this a fun and therapeutic hobby, it will serve as a great resource to me in my quest to share poetry with children. My poetry collage book will be a part of my Poetry Breaks!  If you aren't already familiar with my Poetry Breaks, stay tuned for an update, as I will revisit them here at Mrs. Merrill's Book Break. I'll also be sharing how I'm revising my original Poetry Breaks.

The first poem that I've collage is "Surprise" by Beverly McLoughlan, from, Good Books, Good Times by Lee Bennett Hopkins (Harper Collins 1990).

An entry in my Poetry Collage Journal (April 2017)

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  1. That's a fabulous little poem. And I like what you've done with your collage. Continue to enjoy!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better. I love the collage you created to go with the poem, too.