Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Tribute to Caroline Feller Bauer

 Today's Poetry Friday Round-Up is being hosted by Laura Purdie Salas at Writing the World for Kids.  I can't wait to visit and indulge in all of the poetry treats that she has gathered!

Remembering Caroline Feller Bauer

Last week I discovered that my "Poetry Break!" mentor,  Caroline Feller Bauer passed away. 
I first had the great pleasure of seeing her present a full-day literacy workshop.  I was totally enthralled with EVERYTHING that she shared - storytelling, poetry, songs, puppets, props, and endless ideas for bringing books and reading to life!  I saw Dr. Bauer's dynamic presentation a second time, devoured her books, wrote letters to her (she responded to each of my letters!), and began to try MANY of her literacy-loving ideas! 

Over the years I have continuously referred to Dr. Bauer's jammed-packed resources.  I lovingly read and reread her books over and over again. 

Click here to read School Library Journal's tribute to Bauer. 

Here is one of my first posts where I share a video clip that features one of my favorite poetry resources, Bauer's Poetry Break Book!
I have never publicly shared a poem but in honor of my "Poetry Break!" inspiration, idol, role model, and friend (through reading her words I feel as if she is a close, personal friend), I decided to share a simple, little haiku poem that I have written. 

In memory of Caroline Feller Bauer . . .

always searching for
the perfect poem to share
it's "Poetry Break!"

Thank you Caroline . . . your legacy will live on.


  1. I hadn't heard of Dr. Bauer, but I just put two of her books on hold at the library. Thank you for introducing me to her. You were lucky to know her. =)

  2. Amy, I, too, did not know her work!!! OMG. I am sad and yet happy. So glad you shared. I know we were kindred spirits.

    I still want to get down to visit and do some poetry with your kids AND pick up my journal stuff some day!!! Let me know if I can visit. I am subbing some but if you give dates I will put you on my calendar.

    I am SOOO happy I am going to a Highlights Workshop with Rebecca Kai Dotlitch to work on my poetry.

    Cheers and thanks. My blog is coming soon!!

  3. This is the first time I've heard of Caroline Feller Bauer. Thank you for introducing her work to us. What a lovely tribute. She must have been a very inspiring mentor.

  4. What a heartfelt tribute--good for you for taking the step of sharing a poem publicly. She would have loved that, right?