Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poetry is Priceless!

Diane from Random Noodling is hosting today's Poetry Friday Round-Up.  Make sure you click on over to her blog to read all of the wonderful poetry links that she has to offer.  

Here is conversation that I had with a first grade student today . . . 

"Mrs. Merrill . . . I think that when you grow up, you will want to be someone who writes poems for kids."  

Me: "You think so?"  

"Yes!  You love to share poems with all the kids and we are so lucky!  We love them!"

Enough said.


  1. Mrs. Merrill, why wait until you grow up?

  2. What a happy thought to hold onto!! Your students are so wise.

  3. Oh Amy, wonderful. Isn't nice on a dreary day (at least up here) poetry can make you smile!!! Lucky students in Binghamton.
    Janet F.

  4. Profound words from a 6 year old. We should all listen. Thanks for sharing. =)

  5. How wonderful! Those are the moments teachers live for!

  6. Yes! This child's words will always be in my heart! The words that children say, especially in response to poetry and literature, are like poetry to my ears and heart!

    And, Diane, thanks for reminding me that I CAN create and write my own poetry. I do dabble in my notebooks and just may get up the nerve to share one here on my blog. Perhaps on a Poetry Friday.

  7. Sounds like you are doing everything write! I mean, right! :-)