Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poem Treasures

  by Amy Merrill1
 Mrs. Merrill's "Poem Treasures."
I have a fairly large (and by the looks of it, it needs to be even larger), plastic bin in which I keep my poem treasures. Some may consider these items to be junk but I consider them to be my treasures. As the saying goes, "one person's trash is another person's treasure."

These do-dads have or may someday, be a prop to accompany a poem. Whenever I come across an alluring item that appeals to me or artifact that captivates my attention and sparks my "poetry self" to think of how it might go perfectly with a certain poem, I toss it into my poetry treasures chest.  

You never know when you might read (or write) just the right poem to go with one of the gems from the poetry treasure trove!

Any guesses and/or suggestions for poems to match any of my artifacts?  The plunger (brand new, by the way!) is one of my favorites!'

I love this poem by  Leleand B. Jacobs!  It seems to capture my feelings about my Poem Treasures. 

by Leland B. Jacobs

I keep bottle caps,
            I keep strings,
I keep keys and corks
And all such things.
When people say,
“What good are they?”
The answer’s hard to get
For just how I will use them all
I don’t know yet.

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  1. I LOVE your post, Amy. So simple, yet so powerful an idea. It reminds me of Janet Wong's suitcase poems starters. Do you know that? Very similar, I think. Must get down to visit you. Maybe in May?
    I also LOVE the golden mailbox but did not get to comment.
    Did you see my guest blog post on Irene Latham's Blog? I will do one for you!
    Janet F.