Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AudioBook Jukebox: Review

Trouble with Fang

Title: The Trouble with Fang: Batsons
Author: Ron Fontes, Justine Fontes
Narrator: Full Cast
Publisher/Date: AudioComics, 2012
Format: MP3
Total Length: 27:56

AudioComics introduces a new comic series about a monster family, The Batsons, who live in the Halloween town of Flemme Falls.  The Trouble with Fang is the first episode in which listeners meet Fang, the youngest Batson.  Fang's family is disturbed and frustrated with the fact that he is a kind and well-mannered boy, opposed to what they'd like him to be - mean, nasty and quite frankly, like a monster.  Fang is in trouble at school because he does his homework, uses good manners, is well-behaved in class, and is respectful to his teacher.  Fang is also in trouble at home; he doesn't attempt to murder his sister and he actually apologizes to her.  What is a monster family to do with such a well-behaved child?  Listeners will be entertained by the antics of the Batson family as they try to deal with their troublesome Fang. 

This audio comic is presented in full cast narration: with accompanying music and sound effects.  Although the full cast production adds a great deal of interest and appeal for listeners, it may be a bit loud and over stimulating for some.  Background noises and effects can, at times, be distracting from the narration of the tale. 

The characters in the Batson family will be interesting and appealing to comic lovers both young and young-at-heart.  Listeners will enjoy following the plot and character development in this episode about the "monster-nice-guy," Fang and eagerly await the next installment of the adventures of the Batson family and their escapades. 

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