Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Literary Quote: Living in a Fantasy World

Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.  It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.  ~Dr. Seuss 

Watch author and children's book expert, Anita Silvey's brief video about the infamous Dr. Seuss! Watch here at  Author Profile  

Fans of Dr. Seuss won't want to miss this newest book . . . . it has been described as "a literary equivalent of a buried treasure!"

Watch this video about the creation of The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories.  

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  1. Wow, Amy! I love this post. I did not know about the Bippolo Seed book and I loved the videos. Can't wait to get ahold of the book! Hope to see you on Sunday at NYSRA. Please email me about when and where you will be! Naturally I love the poetic-ness of Dr. Seuss. He was onto the whole poetry and kids-connect thing long long ago!!! So great for fluency work on the way to great reading competence, not just for fluency's sake!!! Janet F.