Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Literary Quote: Happy Dictionary Day!

Happy Dictionary Day (October 16)!

Life is our dictionary.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Happy Birthday Noah Webster!

Dictionary Day honors Noah Webster, who is considered the Father of the American Dictionary.   He was born on October 16, 1758.  We celebrate this day to emphasize the importance of dictionary skills.  Additionally Dictionary Day also strives to improve vocabulary.  Webster began to write his dictionary when he was 43and ittook him 27 years to complete it! 

October 16, 1758 - May 28, 1843
 To read about Noah Webster's life and love of words, check out this biography (grades 2 - 6) . . . 

Noah Webster: Weaver of Words by Pegi Deitz Shea and  illustrations by Monica Vachula
"Noah Webster is best known for writing American dictionaries. But that's not all he did." He also published America's first spelling and reading texts, wrote pamphlets against slavery, and helped establish the public education system. He "had the energy of a thousand bees, and knowledge was his nectar." Chronology. Bibliography. Index. Full-color paintings done in oil on board. A 2010 NCTE Orbis Pictus Honor Book.
~from the Junior Library Guild
Click here for a wide selection of ideas for teaching dictionary skills.  There are many links to prinntables, games, and other resources.  

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