Thursday, October 25, 2012

Poetry Friday: Poetry Props! 1

  by Amy Merrill1
   Skeleton Poetry Props!  Literacy teacher, Ellen Mouillesseaux and my 5th grade daughter, Sarah!

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Poetry Props . . . 

 Engaging Readers & Entertaining Audiences!

One of my favorite poems to introduce to children this time of year is Jack Prelutsky's spectacular Skeleton Parade!  Traditionally I dim the lights, introduce the idea of a skeleton and a parade of them on Halloween, turn on my spooky voice, and demonstrate how to dramatize the poem as it is recited.  Children love it and are captivated by the magic of a spooktacularly fun and engaging poem!  Prelutsky's poem is easily remembered and children are able to reread it several times afterwards with confidence in themselves because of the creative dramatics that we used to recite it in the first place.  This poem is one that certainly sticks with you!  

Earlier this week my good friend and colleague, Ellen Mouillesseaux (literacy curriculum specialist), presented me with a poetry present!  She had discovered a lovely little garland of skeletons at her local dollar store and cut the little guys off the garland to become individual skeleton props!  We all had such fun using the little skeletons as we recited Skeleton Parade!  Children dangled tiny skeletons off their finger, marionette-style, as their skeletons "marched about the streets with bony bodies, bony heads, bony hands, and bony feet!"  

If you are not already familiar with Skeleton Parade, march yourself to your school or public library to check out a Halloween poetry collection!  You can find Prelutsky's poem in a couple of different poetry collections or anthologies.  Here are a couple . . . 



  1. Hi Amy,

    What a great idea. I will check it out as I have both books, but am not sure I am familiar with it. Have you tried Janet Wong's Poetry Suitcase idea yet? If not you can find her site by google. She has some great ideas and these props can get them engaged as I am sure you know!!!

  2. Oops I meant to mention that you are certainly lucky to have such wonderful poetry friends!! Hi to Ellen, too. Janet F.

    1. Thanks Janet! I'll be sure to check out the suitcase! Sounds fun! And I will look forward to seeing you at NYSRA!

  3. I will run right over and find the poem. It sounds like a fun thing to share to my teacher colleagures for next week. Thank you Amy. (my daughter's name is Sarah too!)