Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcome Author Jason Lefebvre

I'm super excited to welcome Jason Lefebvre, author of the picture book, Too Much Glue!, to "Mrs. Merrill's Book Break!"  He has stopped by to give us a glimpse into his reading and writing life.  Thanks for answering my questions, Jason!

I came to write TOO MUCH GLUE! . . .
After a crazy day in the preschool classroom I worked in.  One day a glue cup spilled on a table top and no one noticed.  As the spill crept slowly towards the table’s edge the kids and I busied ourselves playing a movement game where we pretended to be large, lumbering animals until I said sleepy three times.  Then the kids had to pretend to sleep.  When you play a sleepy game with a room full of three year olds you tend to make them sleep for a very long time.  During one of the sleepy times a little boy lay under the table with the spilled glue and while I made them all sleep for a very, very, very long time he got covered with the glue that had begun to waterfall off the edge of the table.  He never said a word and proceeded to track glue all over the room while we continued playing.  Later, while I was helping him clean up for a very, very, very long time, the idea for Too Much Glue was born.  Thank you to that sticky student wherever he may be.

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Readers should read my book because . . . 
It is a very interactive story.  Thanks to the amazing talents of Zac Retz the pictures practically jump off the page and invite the reader to become part of the action.  I think it has heart too.  At the core Too Much Glue is a story about embracing the uniqueness of your kids and being able to realize that some messes and mini disasters lead to a great memory.

I spy Too Much Glue!

A book that has touched my heart . . . 
When I was little I can remember my mother reading me one of my favorite children’s books Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  It was one of many stories that we read together and if I try hard enough I can still smell her hand lotion as I turn the pages.   A great picture book story has the ability to leave the reader with the same feeling of satisfaction no matter how many times one may read it.  Alexander’s story speaks to me even today.  When I am having a terrible, horrible time I can always remind myself of Judith Viorst’s words.  "Some days are just like, even in Australia."  

My favorite place to read . . .
I still love reading in bed.  I enjoyed being read to there as a child and I guess some things never change.  It relaxes me and as much as I enjoy it, it puts me right to sleep.

Jason's personal bookshelf!

I collect my ideas and inspiration for writing . . .
From things that happen in my everyday life…which means they end up on everything!  Napkins, sticky notes, old mail, ripped envelopes.  I once found a rolled up gum wrapper in a pile of papers.  Not wanting to leave a stone unturned I un-krinkled it and in colored pencil I had written “poop detective.”  To this day I have no idea what that was in reference to, but it shows that not every idea is a winner.

More of Jason's book collection!

Readers should know . . .
My favorite kind of pizza is pepperoni with hamburger.  I’m allergic to cats but currently live with six of them and one giant dog that still thinks he’s a puppy.  It took me fourteen years to get one of my stories published and I wouldn’t trade that experience for all the money in the world.  No is not a bad word.  When you hear it over and over again it just makes the moment that you hear the word yes seem that much sweeter.

A project that I’m currently working on . . .
I have about forty-five unpublished manuscripts that I continue to tweak and polish.  My hope is that someday one of them will shine bright enough to make the right people notice.

Thank you so much to Jason Lefebvre for stopping by to take a "Book Break!" with me!  Every time I see a bottle of glue, I think of your fabulous picture book!  I'm looking forward to sharing your books with readers! 

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