Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to a Reader!

On Monday March 21, 2016, I wrote . . . 

Today is my firstborn daughter, Sienna's 16th birthday!  We spent her special day doing the things she has been looking forward to most . . . First off, we went to the DMV so she could take her written driver's test and get her permit. Immediately following, Sienna headed out on the town to drive around. One of her first stops was to the local Red Cross to donate blood. What a kind and considerate thing to do, especially on her birthday!   

Happy birthday to my favorite book lover!

In our family, we don't need a special occasion or holiday to buy books.  But they are always on our wish lists. As usual, Sienna had a large wish list of books that she was hoping for, for her birthday. 

Shortly after opening her gifts, she was engrossed in one of her newest treasures. Books are gifts in and of themselves, but gift books are extra special, often coming with special inscribed messages, ones that will remind it's reader when and from whom the treasure came from.

I'm reminded of Garrison Keillor's quote . . .
"A book is a gift that you can open again and again."

In honor of a special reader's birthday, I'm sharing some of her favorite books ~ many of them  we have loved together . . . 

The Foot Book

Goodnight Moon

Maisy series

Skippy John Jones books

Warriors series


Oh thr Places You'll Go!

Harry Potter Series

The Book Thief

I Am Malala

The Maze Runner Series

The Picture of Dorian Gray

They have certainly been gifts that she and our family have opened again and again!  These are just some of the books that have brought much joy to Sienna's life!  

Happy Birthday Sienna and Happy Reading! 

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