Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Non-Fiction Picture Book Challenge 2016

I love to read and spend much of my free time reading, talking about books, shopping for books, and writing about books!  Non-fiction picture books are one of my many favorite types of books to read.  As an adult reader, I try to think about the book from a child reader's perspective.  I often think, if I had books like the ones I read now, when I was a child - if teachers and librarians had introduced or taught various content areas with picture books, I think I would have not only learned more about the topic, but I would have also enjoyed my learning a lot more.   

Alyson at Kid Lit Frenzy, has created the Non-Fiction Picture Book Challenge - #nfpb2016.  Click on the link to her blog to read about why she decided to start the challenge.  I decided to join in the challenge to help me organize my reading and thinking.  Alyson has suggested the following steps to consider when joining the challenge . . . 

1. Set a goal as to how many nonfiction picture books (or nonfiction MG or YA books)  you would like to read over the course of 2016. Maybe you want to read one a month or one a week. Will they all be from 2016 or will you be reading ones previously published? Do you have a gap with a particular area of nonfiction? The important part is to set a goal that will be fun and not stressful.

 My goal is to read the non-fiction books (picture, middle grade, and YA) that are being considered for the NYSRA Charlotte Book Award 

2.  My nonfiction book reviews and posts will be on Wednesdays but I may start posting on a second day in order to fit everything in.  There will be a link if you want to connect up one of your reviews or progress towards your goal. If you post on Mondays (Nonfiction Mondays) or Fridays (STEM Fridays), please feel free to link up on Wednesdays with us, we would love to get to know more bloggers talking about nonfiction. 

I plan to select some of the titles that I read and share my reviews, reflections, and kid reader reactions to the books. 

3.  I will link my posts to Kid Lit Frenzy's  blog.  

Stay tuned for my first post #nfpb2016!


  1. Glad you're joining! Happy Reading!

  2. I think nonfiction is so sadly underrated, especially by parents and even librarians - we focus so much on connecting kids with great fiction, but just like grown ups not all kids are interested in the same things, and I'm sure there are a lot of kids out there who might feel differently about reading if they were offered some exciting nonfiction titles. Looking forward to seeing the books you read this year!

  3. So wonderful to have you join the community! There are so many great NF titles out there - it's a great way to keep up!

  4. Looking forward to your recommended titles!

  5. Will look for you. This is a wonderful group, has led me to many nf titles through the years.

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! I've been a reader of this challenge but now a poster! Looking forward to learning & sharing with such a great community! 📚📚📚