Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Word Wizard Wednesday: Word Collectors

Our journey into the magical, wonderful world of words begins when we open a book . . . 

Words make our life more meaningful!
Words give us the amazing power to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day!

To the observant reader, who enjoys collecting words, words seem to leap off of the page and into one's mind.  Many readers even collect interesting, unique-sounding,, and unusual words and keep them in a notebook or on scraps of paper.   Selig is one such collector. In Roni Schotter's delightful picture book, The Boy Who Loved Words, readers encounter a book that is chockablock with delicious words!  Selig's word collection can also be found in a glossary at the end of the book.  This tale is sure to inspire readers to begin their own word collection (or add to their already existent treasure-trove)!  Giselle Potter's multi media (pencil, ink, gesso, watercolor, collage and more!) illustrations add to the story's inspiration and whimsy.  One of my personal favorite aspects of Potter's illustrations, are her scraps of paper, covered with words that are scattered about on each page. 

A must-read for any Word Wizard!
Praise for The Boy Who Loved Words . . . 
Schotter blends magical realism with a tongue-tingling narrative to create an ode to the power and purpose of language.  An inspiring choice for wordsmiths and anyone who cherishes the variety and vitality of language.” Starred Review, School Library Journal
 "A charmingly prolix tall tale.  An 'exultant encounter, chockablock with tintinnabulating gusto.  A gift to precocious children and teachers as well.  (See tantalizing glossary appended.)"  Starred Review, Kirkus 

 This week's Word Wizard Words . . . 




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