Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Poetry Friday: Let the "Poetry Breaks!" Begin! 2012

It's the first week of the 2012-2013 school year and yesterday launched the beginning of "Poetry Breaks!"  I decided to kick off the school year with Linda Paulsen's, Read, Read, Read a Book!  It is one of my most favorite poems/songs that describes the joys of reading a great book.  

I have paired motions with this fun and catchy little poem/song.  A couple of years ago, I taught this poem/song and then displayed it on a poster in the hallway.  Almost daily, I heard little voices singing outside my classroom door, as children passed on their way to or from the bathroom or drinking fountain.  I would peek out the door to see a child, a duo, or sometimes three little ones singing the words of the poem as they read along with the poster and acted out the motions!  This will surely have to be displayed in the hallway again this year!  

Sing to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

Read, Read, Read a Book
     by Linda Paulsen

Read, read, read a book.
Travel anywhere!
Worldwide, you decide
a book will take you there!
Read, read, read a book.
Beginning to the end.
What a way to spend your day. 
A book's a special friend! 
I adapted this song/poem by simply adding a final line (to be shouted with a fist raised into the air!)  . . . 
 Hooray for books! 

I'm sure that this will be a poem that will stick with you, long after the "Poetry Break!" is over!

Today's Poetry Friday Round-Up is being hosted by Katya Czaja at Write, Sketch, Repeat.   Be sure to check out all of the poetry celebrations!


  1. How sweet! I smiled at your description of the students reciting poetry outside your door. Another book of poem parodies I like to use is Science Verse.

  2. You are right! This is stuck in my head...and I'm happy! Your poetry breaks will stick with your students forever, Amy...thank you for sharing this one and the picture too! a.

  3. When Sylvia and I were working on The Poetry Friday Anthology, I was skeptical about putting poems to well-known childhood songs but Sylvia assured me that kids LOVE this technique, which she has used successfully many times to tunes such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." In 20 years of teaching poetry in hundreds of schools, I had never heard of anyone doing this--and now, you and Sylvia, twice in two months. Just goes to show we can always learn new techniques! Even if kids only remember "Read, read, read a book"--you've given them a gift for life, Linda.

  4. And of course I ended up singing!! Haha. I think that's where the magic of reading lies: it takes you to faraway lands without you having to leave your spot. Fun post! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. This would be a great way to start Reader's Workshop each day. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very fun!
    (resisting the brain worm...losing the battle!!)

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Yes, Paulsen's poem is certainly catchy! And yes, kids certainly do seem to love poems to the tune of familiar songs! :) Happy Reading to all!