Monday, September 24, 2012

Mother Goose Monday: Must-Haves

Mother Goose Must-Haves . . . 

Every parent, caregiver, educator, and child will want to make sure that their personal library collection includes at least one great collection of nursery rhymes.  folklorist, Iona Opie collaborated with Rosemary Wells to create two of the best Mother Goose books around.  The rhymes have been carefully selected to ensure that children today have the opportunity to experience the best of the classic nursery rhymes.  Each rhyme has been illustrated with Wells' classic animal characters in her signature bright colors.  The artwork in these two treasuries will have readers exploring the smallest of details. 

 "These rhymes are like sea glass, each one different, ground down to its perfect shape through centuries of repetition.”       ~Rosemary Wells

“I suppose my message in life is ‘nursery rhymes are good for you."  ~Iona Opie

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