Thursday, May 11, 2017

Another Way to Share Poetry!

"Poetry Break!"
Happy Poetry Friday!
Day 11 of my kidlit book-a-day inspired wardrobe!

Last week I decided to celebrate Children's Book Week by wearing clothes and accessories that coordinate and match with children's books and their characters. I had so much fun and better yet, the students in my school library were excited and motivated to hear about and read the books that I was promoting!  Oh, and I decided that even though Children's Book Week ended for the year, my bookish wardrobe doesn't have to!  

Matching books and poems to your clothing and accessories is an excellent way to promote literacy!  So go check your closet and coordinate with your bookshelf!  

Scroll down to my previous post if you're interested in seeing my other book inspired outfits. 

For more Poetry inspiration, visit A Teaching Life for the Poetry Friday Roundup.


  1. Oh, how fun! This would be great for school outreach visits! :)

  2. What a fun way to promote books!

  3. So creative!! Love all the outfits!!

  4. Great idea! Will pass that one along. And I adore all of Muth's books in this haiku series. Christie @

  5. What fun for all the students to see what you're wearing, and then books you're sharing each day.

  6. This is the cutest thing. I love it!