Friday, February 15, 2013

Popping Up A Popcorn Poetry Break!

  by Amy Merrill1
"Popcorn" poem by Helen H. Moore
For many years I have enjoyed sharing Helen H. Moore's "Popcorn" poem with my students. It's a fun and catchy poem that is easy to remember and naturally lends itself to dramatization! We become the popcorn popping in the pot!

Bringing in the air popper, popping up some real popcorn, and reciting Moore's poem couldn't be any more fun!

Students are able to fully enjoy and internalize this poem using ALL five senses! We see, smell, hear, touch, and taste the popcorn AND the poem!

 Pop, pop, popcorn,
popping in the pot!
Pop, pop, popcorn,
eat it while it’s hot!

Pop, pop, popcorn,
Butter on the top!
When I eat popcorn,
I can't stop!
                                 -- Helen H. Moore

Happy Poetry Friday!  Today's round-up is being hosted by Linda at Teacher Dance. 
She will surely be sharing many poetry treats!

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