Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Poetry Friday!

Today's Poetry Friday Round-Up is being hosted by Sheri at Sheri Doyle.
Sheri reminds us to find happiness in the simple things.  Poetry is surely one of my favorite ways to find joy in each day!  Be sure to visit Sheri to indulge in many poetry pleasures!  

March 21  holds many exciting things for me!  My first born will become a teenager this year (eeks!), it is the first official, full day of spring, and this year I will have the pleasure of spending the day with poet and author, Kenn Nesbitt!  

My first born, Sienna, will soon be 13!  She is a beautiful dancer!
Kenn will be visiting my school on that day!  He will be making two presentations (primary and intermediate) for the students and staff.  In preparation for his visit, I have been sharing his poems during my "Poetry Breaks!," with my small reading groups, and on the morning announcements.  Additionally, I (along with our librarian and other classroom teachers) have been sharing Kenn's delightful website, Poetry 4 Kids with students.  

My absolute favorite Kenn Nesbitt poem  . . . 

A Pug is a Dog

by Kenn Nesbitt

A pug is a dog
with a curlicue tail.
He eats like a hog
and he snores like a whale.
He's flat in the snout
and his belly is big.
The pug came about
just by misspelling pig.

Miley, my pug!

Miley and I can't wait to have him autograph this poem poster (see an earlier post about these posters)!  She wants him to autograph her picture, too!



  1. Don't tell Miley I said so, but I kind of agree with Kenn!

    Have fun with his visit!!

  2. Enjoy your visit with Kenn Nesbitt!

  3. Love that! Have fun on your visit with Kenn Nesbitt. And happy early bday to your daughter!

  4. March 21st sounds like it will be an exciting day all around - even for your pug, Miley! What a great picture of your dog. =)

  5. How fun! My students would love to have him visit. He's a big favorite.

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone! :) We are all VERY excited for the visit! I will be posting pictures and updates of preparations. We will be holding a school wide Poetry Recitation the week before Kenn's visit. Many students select his poems to memorize and recite for the Recitation. I think they will be especially excited when they actually comprehend the fact that the author of their selected poem is live and in person in their school!!!