Friday, November 2, 2012

Celebrate Picture Book Month With Poetry!

 Donna at Mainely Write  is the host of today's Poetry Friday Round-Up.  Be sure to visit and become immersed in poetry!

Poems to Celebrate Picture Book Month!

Piles of Picture Books 
 by Charles Ghigna 

I like reading picture books.
I sit and take my time.
I listen to each story.
I listen to each rhyme.
Read the entire poem at Charles Ghigna's Blog. 

One of my favorite little poetry anthologies . . .

Good Books Good Times 
by Lee Bennett Hopkins

Good books.
Good times.
Good stories.
Good rhymes.
Good beginnings.
Good ends.
Good people.
Good friends.
Good fiction.
Good facts.
Good adventures.
Good acts.
Good stories.
Good rhymes.
Good books
Good times.
This month, one of the ways  my students and I will celebrate Picture Book Month, is by reading and reciting poetry about books!


  1. Good book! I could not see your link on Mainely Write, so I posted it for you so others will be taken to your page more easily. Hope that was ok!

  2. Charles Ghigna and Lee Bennett Hopkins have so many great poems! Thanks for sharing:>)

    1. Laura, Yes they do!! I am also a huge fan of your poetry! I have used many of your poems with my students and look forward to sharing them and what we did in future Poetry Friday posts! :)