Sunday, April 10, 2016

Celebrating School Library Month & Poetry Month

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Not only is April National Poetry Month, it is also School Library Month!  Although, I celebrate both poetry and libraries all year, it's the perfect time to indulge in the reading (and rereading) of this wonderful treasure . . . 

EVERY poem in this anthology should be savored and read aloud often.  If this book was life-sized, I'd have the pages displayed in various parts of my school library ~ the poems would entice readers into its pages.  Until I am able to obtain a life-sized copy, I will read aloud all of its beautiful words and perhaps create poem-poster or two to hang in some of the nooks and crannies of my library!

Check out the amazing, Lee Bennett Hopkin's website for more poetry goodness.  

Joan Bransfield Graham's poem, "Librarian," perfectly sums up one of my favorite roles as a librarian ~ Reader Advisor!  Just the other day, someone said to me, "How do you do that?" when I recommended a book to her.  She went on to the tell me that it was just what she was looking for!  Here is a snippet of her poem . . . 

How did you

Can you read
my mind?

How do you
always find
the perfect

Amy Ludwig Vanderwater's poem, "Book Pillows," perfectly puts into lovely words, the way I feel about libraries!  And the way that I want visitors to feel when they step into my library to find just the right book that they need.  Here is a snippet of Amy's poem  . . . 

With my head on a book
I dream of a place
where a pig loves a spider.

I dream of a face
high in a tower
with ropes of hair falling.

When books become pillows
stories come calling ~
Make sure to stop in to your favorite school library to check out a copy of Jumping Off Library Shelves, collected by Lee Bennet Hopkins, illustrated by Jane Manning (Wordsong 2015). 

This week's "Poetry Friday" roundup is being hosted at Laura Purdie Salas' site, Writing the World for Kids!  Click on over to enjoy the many poetry celebrations. 

Happy reading & browsing in your school library!


  1. THANK YOU so much for you kind words about JUMPING... -- a collection that was a joy to do.

    1. Thank YOU, Lee! All of your work has been a joy to me! I can find a poem for my every need! As I said in my post, this collection of library poems is particularly dear to me! ❤️📚LOVE📚❤️

  2. Amy - Your students are very fortunate to have you in their lives! I feel very lucky to be part of this beautiful book. When you figure out where to get that life-sized copy, please let me know! Hug! xx

    1. Thank you, Amy! Your words always inspire me and fill me with a sense of wonder! 😊❤️😊

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jane! Great minds think alike! 😊

  4. Thanks for highlighting a lovely anthology. Another Hopkins treasure!